Hypnotherapy for better sex and relationships

1) Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety – stop nerves ruining what should be a blissful experience
2) Last Longer – Male Sexual Enhancement – get control over your orgasm so you can make the most of sex for both of you
3) Cure Impotence – psychological impotence can happen at any time; make sure you’ve got it covered
4) Overcome Fear of Rejection – this fear is at the root of many sexual problems. Overcome it and embrace new opportunities with confidence and courage.
5) Increase Libido – Male – re-establish a healthy, natural level of sexual desire
6) Emotional Intimacy – become comfortable with emotional intimacy and give your partner what she wants
7) Overcome Fear of Failure – adopt an exploratory, playful attitude that erases that old fear
8) Relieve Stress and Tension – stress will mess with your sexual response like nothing else
9) All or Nothing Thinking – get some subtlety into your thinking around sex
10) Be a Manly Man – give off the unconscious signals women need to feel sexually attracted to you