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Workshop Q & A

How will knowing more help?

How will knowing more about my sexual mind and body help me?

Here’s the truth, I struggle to find the words to share with you just how life changing these workshops have been for so many women.

We think that our sexual system works in mysterious ways but in truth, the way you think, feel and respond makes sense to me because I understand how we are wired.

Once you understand how you are wired, you can influence it.

Amazing right.

I know that what we share during our workshops works because of the amazing feedback we constantly receive.

If this workshop has you feeling curious in any way then join us. You won’t regret it.

What if someone I know sees me?

Say Hi 🙂

You will bond because you are both here for the same reason.

To enhance your sex life.

I don’t feel comfortable attending alone.

I totally understand.

Please let us know (email me). Don’t let this stop you from joining us.

We will make sure that we ease you into the space. You can hang out with us.

People will be friendly and my team will help you feel right at home.

FYI Most people come alone.

People will think I have a problem.

I appreciate that this may concern you. Luckily this workshop was not created for people with problems, it was developed for everyone who wants to enhance their life.

What if I do have a problem?

I’m thrilled that you have found us.

I hope that we can be of service to you.


Please join us.

If you’re still needing support after the workshop then you can  plan to leave late so that you can catch me at the end or  you  book in a session so that we can continue the conversation.

Questions on the day

I loooove questions.

They allow me to throw stuff into the mix at the workshop, things that may have not come up otherwise.

However, if I feel that there is more to your concern or question and I don’t feel it will benefit the group, I will gently ask to chat to you about it after the workshop.


FYI  Nothing is too embarrassing, I can handle it.

I don’t want to talk about myself

No stress, you don’t have to.

I do most of the talking and there is no pressure for you to share.


I am one of your clients


Awesome that you’re thinking of joining us.

I promise that unless you share this information, no one could possibly know.

I respect your privacy.

FYI  The workshop is usually filled with past and present clients.

I came to your workshop years ago



Please join us. I’d love to see you there.

FYI Lots of people come more than one and a few people have come to almost all of my workshop 🙂






Is this event right for you?

We all have opinions and we all have our own experiences and sometimes it’s hard to keep them to ourselves.

If you can’t be there to support others stories, then this may not be the right place or the right group for you to be hanging out with at this point in time


However, if  you are some one who comes across as being unsupportive when you feel anxious or uncomfortable when share and speak in a group and your ready to be accountable then you need to be there.


We will be there for you to support you and you will know that I am there for you.

There is something very healing that occurs when women support women.

*However, If you are struggling on the day please let me know.
… remember to grab a vibrator, lubricant, chocolate and a hug on your home!

Can I bring a friend


Grab your friends and join us.


PLEASE NOTE that this is a FEMALE only event.

Do you run private workshops?



There sure is, I have been running private workshops for years and I love them.

Email me and we can chat
or bring them along to an existing workshop.


We are in Perth.

It’s usually held in the North Perth Area.

I choose the venue based on numbers.

So umm who are you?


I am someone who is passionate about many things especially our sexual health. I truly believe that our happiness and well-being includes our capacity to engage in healthy pleasurable sex and sexual interactions on our own and with others.

Having access to accurate and personalised information is the key.

I run Sexual Focus which is a prime practice where I provide sex therapy/counselling for individuals and couples.

Here’s my condensed bio:

I did a Psychology degree. I specialised by doing a Masters of Health Science (Sexual Health) and every year since then I have chosen to learn something new. So far I have immersed myself in Life Coaching, Business Coaching, NLP, Time Line, Matrix, Hypnotherapy, quantum touch and my latest obsession is Ka Huna Massage.

I worked at for over 5 years while I was still at UNI.

I created my own Sex Toy Workshop Company that ran out of my old premises in NorthBridge.Thats where this workshop evolved. Back then we ran it every other month.

SEXPO was my first big gig. I was their first Sexpo Sexpert back in 2010/11.

I had an amazing team of girls who supported my passion for changing peoples lives through talking about sex..

How do you know so much about SEX?

I have run a counselling private practice for many years and I have presented at countless workshops and presentations around Australia for wonderful organisations and my latest brag – lecturing at Curtin Uni…Love it.

But seriously, over the years I have talked to thousands of people and I have seen patterns come up over and over again. I know that everyone is different but some of our stuff is the same, we just express it differently.

I want people to know that people like me exist, that they don’t have to struggle or suffer silently, alone. Google is not enough. Cosmo is not enough.

We need to be able to talk about these things and to be supportive of others. You never know who YOU will be able to help as a consequence of attending this workshop.

Did I mention that I’m a nerd. I’m obsessed reading and studying, for hours everyday. So despite my very casual demeanor I can back everything I share with science (Ya know, just incase you were wondering).

A Message From Fai

I know I keep saying this but it’s true, we attract amazing, wonderful women and my team are the best, you will love them.

The conversations we have are real, no BS and we are not here to bitch about each other, but rather to support each other’s journeys.

We are all different, and we all have our quirks and trust me I have mine.

Hanging out and talking about sex is my favourite way to spend the afternoon.

I hope you will join us.

If you feel that you did not learn anything, if we did not provide the information that we said we would, please email us the following day and we will refund you 100%.


Just let us know what your expectations were, how you feel we missed the mark and share any feedback you have so that we can consider them for next time.