Experience losing virginity with confidence and enjoy it to the full
Experience losing virginity with confidence and enjoy it to the full

Having sex for the first time and losing virginity can feel like a big deal. It’s challenging enough as an adolescent, just embarking on adult ways. If you are no longer adolescent, and maybe even well on in adulthood, and have not yet, for some reason, engaged in sexual intercourse, the thought of losing your virginity can be daunting.


Such concerns about sex and losing virginity can lead you to hold back when finally the right opportunity comes your way. Instead of focusing on the enjoyment you might share with your partner, you can become overwhelmed with worry about how they will ‘judge’ you for your lack of experience. And that can make it even harder to get going and enjoy the sexual side of the relationship.

Using hypnosis to feel confident and happy about first time sex

It’s a big step from realising the truth of this in your head to feeling okay about going ahead with a sexual relationship, of course! If you’ve been worrying about it for a while, your anxiety levels may be quite high, and your self-esteem may have taken a knock too. You can overcome this most easily if you take advantage of the power of hypnosis to help you.


Losing your virginity is an audio hypnosis session which works on the unconscious levels of the mind, beyond all the conscious worrying and fretting. It will take you into a wonderful state of relaxation, free of all concerns, and help you literally ‘restructure’ your thoughts, attitudes, and emotions about engaging in sex for the first time.


Taking the time to listen and relax to Losing your virginity just a few times will bring about an amazing change in your feelings. You will find yourself feeling so much more confident about proceeding. You will really look forward to the discoveries you will make about yourself and your partner, without being unduly concerned about all the details. Instead of dread, you will experience real anticipation.