OMGYES is newly developed online program will help you explore your sexual pleasure body or your partner’s sexual pleasure body.


Learn how to orgasm.

Learn how to enhance your orgasm.


Use the jade egg to

  • Sensitise your body
  • Feel more in your Yoni / vagina
  • Boost your sex drive
  • Become Orgasmic
  • Heal sexual trauma.
  • Open up to a whole new dimension of orgasmic pleasure!


What Oxytocin really is and why high levels of this hormones is key to not only great relationships, but for enhancing your sensual/sexual life.

How to induce Oxytocin states both when with others and when you are alone (& why that is a skill that all empowered women need to have).

Sexy Menopause


About the existing MYTHS about menopause that are causing you to head in a direction of shutting down your sensual/sexual self forever (and how to transform those).

How to become friends with any of your current imbalances such as vaginal dryness, loss of desire, vaginal wall-thinning while receiving practical, proven tips to heal yourself.

Instruction on your pleasure anatomy – how to rekindle desire and vitality.