The health benefits of regularly having sex are well known.

Recent research has found that sex in the golden years can help prevent memory loss and confusion, including evidence that suggests that those who are sexually satisfied are more likely to have a sharper, more “younger” mind.

All of these bonuses plus the availability of Viagra type drugs for the boys and estrogen to combat vaginal dryness for the ladies, has facilitated the increase of sexual activity amongst this group.

However, STDs can still tarnish the potential health benefits and your pleasure if condoms aren’t being used.

It may surprise you to learn that Sexually Transmitted Diseases amongst the 50+ has doubled over the past ten years.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the fact more people are enjoying their sexual bodies for longer but one should not assume that just because you can’t fall pregnant does not mean that the safe sex rules don’t apply to you.

Eli Coleman, director of the Program in Human Sexuality and the University of Minnesota Medical School reminds us that people going back into the dating scene may have never used condoms when they started out many years ago.

Role Reversal

In Florida, STDs among older people has become such a large issue that the Florida Department of Health has done the unthinkable…

They are asking young adults to have “the talk,” usually reserved for teenagers, with their own elderly parents, reports the Miami Herald.

Get Yourself Some Condoms

Condoms are readily available almost everywhere and you can purchase them online.


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